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1965 Mustangs For Sale

1965 Ford Mustangs For Sale

1965 Mustangs For Sale

1965 brought few changes for the Mustang. The biggest change was the availability of a new fastback model, which was to become the basis for Carroll Shelby’s GT350. The 120 horsepower, 200 cid 6 cylinder engine replaced the 170 cid 6 cylinder, the 289-2V, 200 horsepower V-8 replaced the 260-2V, the 289-4V was upgraded to 225 horsepower, and the 289-4V hi-po remained unchanged. Other changes for the 1965 Mustang included: an alternator instead of a generator, relocation of the oil filler, integral power steering pump and resevoir (most 1964½’s had a remote mounted resevoir), a wire retaining ring was added to the gas cap, the horns were smaller and relocated, and the interior carpet was continued up the sides of the rocker panel and under the sill plate. A new interior option was added, the interior decor group (known as the pony interior), which featured special seat covers with running horses across the seat back, special interior door panes with integral arm rests and pistol grip door handles, five gauge instrument panel, woodgrain steering wheel, and woodgrain appliques on the instrument cluster, glovebox, and optionally on the center console. Another Mustang option introduced in April of 1965 was the GT equipment group. Available only with one of the two four barrel engines, the GT group included five-dial instrumentation, disc brakes, larger sway bars, quicker steering ratio, dual exhaust which exited through the rear valance panel, grill mounted foglights, and special lower body side stripes. A total of 559,451 Mustangs were produced for the 1965 model year.

Production Stats

1965 Ford Mustang

Standard Convertible: 65,633
Convertible w/Bench Seats: 2,111
Luxury Convertible: 5,338
Standard: 372,123
Coupe w/ Bench Seats: 14,905
Luxury Coupe: 22,232
Standard Fastback: 71,303
Luxury Fastback: 5,776
Total: 559,451

Retail Price:
Standard Convertible: $2,557
Standard Coupe: $2,320
Standard Fastback: $2,533