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Fraud Alert


Please read this page if you think that you may have received a scam attempt offer for your car for sale. Below is a list of known scammers emails and a sample scammer email that you may receive. Also, if you are looking to buy a car please be careful of phony ads for Mustangs listed for extremely low prices. If you see an ad that you think is a possible fake / scam ad please use ‘report problem’ link at bottom of ad.

To all advertisers,
Please beware of a scam where someone offers to buy your car with a certified check and comes up with a reason to write the check for significantly more than the asking price and request the seller to wire the difference to someone else.

They will send you a counterfeit check and your bank may clear the check, however, in a week or so, the check turns out to be counterfeit and the bank requires the car seller to cover the money for the phony check.

To avoid falling for such a scam call the issuing bank prior to accepting the check and then wait seven to ten days after deposit to find out if a check has cleared the issuing bank before doing anything with that money or handing over the title to the car.

To Buyers

If it sounds too good to be true than guess what? It has come to my attention that scammers will post fake ads using stolen credit cards. The address on the ad will be USA but usually the seller will be overseas. They will try to get you to Western Union cash. The phone number will probably not be valid. If you are on E-bay often you may have noticed the same problem there. The scammers will hi-jak someone else’s profile so they will appear to have positive feedback. They will try to get you to make the deal outside of e-bay. Read the first line in this paragraph once more!

Latest Scammer E-mail:

joe mccraw
Email: j.mccraw001@gmail.com

From: Williams
Email: wm673374@gmail.com
Do you still have it available for sale ?

Williams Morgan wm673374 @gmail.com
From: Brown Campbell
Email: bbcampbell007 @gmail.com

timothydbeasley387 @gmail.com,
philipkirby007 @gmail.com,
charlesmogul474 @gmail.com, campbellbana1 @outlook.com, clintonbrian82 @gmail.com, Clintonkirby @outlook.com robin00978 @gmail.com, philipkirby04 @outlook.com williamkoller07 @outlook.com, williamjohn754 @gmail.com, charlesmarvin07 @outlook.com, phillipbuzuleciu07 @gmail.com, Christophermogul07 @outlook.com, mosesbrowns09 @gmail.com, mosesbrowns73 @gmail.com, martinluke207 @gmail.com, charles.collins07 @yahoo.com, campbell.lofgren @gmail.com, phillipcrown99 @gmail.com, marvin.aiden @yahoo.com , phillip.lozada @yahoo.com, josephlane172 @gmail.com, steve_mazzaro09 @yahoo.com, ryanmacomb @rediffmail.com, campbelllozada @yahoo.com, v.ross112 @outlook.com, wyattben07 @gmail.com, williamaiden57 @yahoo.com, myerslozada @gmail.com, geoffrey_myers @outlook.com, glorialabrado @aol.com, campbell.wyatt01 @gmail.com , charles.mogul01 @yahoo.com , jamesdavid879 @outlook.com, mjohn8531 @gmail.com, wyatt.ben01 @outlook.com, william_aiden01 @outlook.com, kelvinben359 @yahoo.com, lewistellflol @gmail.com, bent_isaac @yahoo.com, benitezwyatt @yahoo.com, robyn_wallis @yahoo.com,
bartporch @outlook.com,
crownlouis7 @gmail.com,
philip_wyatt @yahoo.com,
leehong888 @yahoo.com,
fliex.wood @gmail.com,
charlesbana779 @gmail.com,
paulkeith596 @yahoo.com


Message :

Hello Seller,

I want to buy this Mint Sleeper,and need to know how much are you asking for it? and please i can only pay using ( pay pal ),and after payments has been made i will arrange for pick up of the Mint Sleeper,Email – kelvinben359 @ yahoo.com

Have a nice day,

kelvin ben.

Subject : hello
Name : david
Phone : 000-000-0000
Message :

Hello, I want to purchase your item if it’s still available for sale, What is the final price and what is the condition of the item? I would like to pay using PayPal, After payments has been made i will arrange for pick up of the item as soon as possible…Looking forward in reading back from you soonest

Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. Have you owned it from new? If not how many previous owner?
Q#3.Why are you selling it?
Q#4. In your opinion, what sort of conditions it?
Q#5. Any more available photo?
Q#6. How much are you asking for it?
Q#7. Do you accept a (PayPal)as a mode of payment.
From: tammy ben
Email: tammyben007 @outlook.com

I want to purchase your car is still available for sell?What is the last
asking price,I will like to pay using Cashiers Check,After payments has
been made,I will arrange for the pick-up,Kindly get back with more

Scam Alert for SellersScam Alert
for Buyers

“I want to purchase your 66 mustang still available for sale,What is the last asking price,I will like to pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and will you let my courier agent to come to you house for the pick up?Because i don’t want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly get back with more pictures.”

Name: clinton wyatt
E-mail: clintonwyatt07 @gmail.com

Good to hear from you, I’m ready to buy, please can you come down with the price a little bite ? I’ll not be able to come around for it now, due to the nature of my work. I recently got a contract job with a company on a private research. so please i want last asking price and more available picture. I await to read from you soon.



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