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I Sold My Mustang

Customer Testimonials

(from advertisers who have sold their Mustangs from this site)

“Sold the first hour”

— Ray Cooper, Washington – 2004 Roush Stage 2 Mustang

“Sold my 1965 Mustang Coupe in less than 10 days.  This is the #1 site for buying/selling Mustangs!  Don’t mess with anything else.  Thank you!!”

— Jack Russo, Virginia – 1965 Mustang Coupe

“My wife did not believe me at first, but within days I started getting Calls & Calls & e-mails!! we sold it in 36 days from posting! Thank you so much…..”

— Sergio, California – 1966 Mustang Convertible

“Thank you and your company for a job well done. I have received many calls and emails from qualified buyers. I ended up selling the car to the first person who called.
Please remove the add from your web site.  1967 Mustang Fastback GTA.  I be using you again when I’m ready for my next car.
Best Regards,”

— Terry, Michigan – 67 Mustang GTA 390 Fastback

” Hi–
Thanks for the reminder. I sent an email to you in December that I had sold
the Mustang. Took only a few weeks to get the sale!  Thanks, you guys are

Steve W, Oregon

“Thanks for your service. I got tremendous response and just sold my car.You can pull my ad now. Again…thanks alot!”

— Jeffrey, North Carolina – 1968 Mustang Coupe

“I just wanted to thank you guys!! I was having trouble selling my 1968 Mustang Coupe, but finally sold it through your website!”

— Julie, California – 1968 Mustang Coupe

“I sold my Mustang yesterday. You are a great site. I will recommend your site to anyone. I am glad I followed the advice of a friend who was successful in selling her convertible.
Do not need craigs with the quick response I got from you.”

— JC Alvarado, Virginia – Beautiful Ford Mustang GT 1995

“thank you, just sold my cobra”

— Rich, Pennsylvania – 2004 Cobra

“Thanks to your web site my 1965 mustang ad #3505 sold last night. Could you remove the ad from your site. Thanks”

— Jeff Knott, Maryland – 1965 mustang coupe

“Thank you for being such a great resource for selling my Mustang. Such great response and it sold in 1 week !”

— Karen E Miller, California – 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe (listed on Jan. 29, 2009)

“I have a 1967 Mustang ad 3072 on your site. I have sold the car thanks to you guys. I have forgotten my pass word so I cannot go to my account and mark car sold. Can you help? Thanks
so much great site”

— Gene, Georgia – 1967 Mustang Coupe Gorgeous

“Thank you very much. This car sold in two days, i will referr other people to
your web site.”

— Quinton, California – 1966 Mustang

“I sold my 1965 Mustang, ad#3195, this is the 2nd Mustang I have sold on your site.
Anyone serious aboust selling their Mustang I reccommend this site, also pay the extra
and get it posted as a feature ad, it’s well worth it.”

— James, Ohio – 1965 Mustang

“Hi. I need to cancel my ad because we have sold our Mustang- thanks to your site!
Thank you for this site! Thanks”

— Kristi, North Carolina – 1965 Mustang coupe (ad# 2971)

“The ad that I placed with you was successful as I was able to sell the car for
my asking price. This was a great experience and it was good that there was something
on the internet that I could trust.” (ad# 2795)

— Len Wesner, Wisconsin – 1965 Classic Mustang Convertible, Recommended
by Pacific Mustang

“I just sold my 1971 Mach 1 on your site. I got very close to my asking price
too! Thank you for a fantastic and AFFORDABLE service!!!”

— Shane Graybeal, Tennessee – 1971 Mach 1 Mustang

“Just sold my 1966 Coupe to a wonderful couple in Tennessee who have the same appreciation
for these cars as I do. This site enabled me to reach over 1900 prospective buyers in
a matter of months. If you really care where your Mustang ends up, this is the listing
service for you! No gimmicks, it is what it is, a site dedicated to Mustangs and the
one of a kind people who love them! Thanks”

— Barb Toerner, Ohio – 1966 Mustang Coupe

“Bob, We have just sold the Mustang. Thanks for your help. (#2510).

— Tom Morton, Pennsylvania – 1973 Mustang Mach I

“Hi, I posted my 68 Mustang last night and it got over 200 hits. I sold it in just
one day! Just wanted to thank you for your site and not charging more then ten dollars
to post thanks!” (ad# 2152)

— Mike, Texas – 1968 Mustang Coupe

“Just wanted to thank you so much! We sold our 2001 Cobra and got our asking price.
The buyer had contacted us within 1 week of placing the ad. Great website. We have our
68 Mustang listed also. Hopefully, it will sell soon, also. Thanks again!”

— Carla, Florida

“Can you remove ad 1871 for me? I sold my 66 Mustang through this site in just
under a month. It got 1500 hits and I received many emails from interested buyers. I
had it on other sites, but got the most interest from this one. Best ten bucks I ever
spent. If you’re looking to sell a Mustang, place and ad on this site.”

— Thanks, Brad in CO

“Just want to thank you and your website. I sold my Mustang today for a little
less than what I was asking. I had it advertised on Autotrader also, but it was your
website that sold it. A great value and great coverage. I live in New Hampshire and sold
it to a gentleman in California. I would use it again and recccomend it to friends,family
and coworkers.”

— Michael Kimball

“Ad #1330. I sold my Mustang for close to asking price. Thanks for the great site!”

— Scott Garrison, Illinois – 1989 Hatchback

“Sold my 1966 Mustang today – this site was all that I used and got plenty of emails
and found the buyer.

Thanks for a great value.”(#1162)

— Butch Shaw – 1969 Coupe Daily driver

“Thank you very much for your help. We sold our Mutstang today, less than a week
after we posted it with you. This makes me wish we had two Mustangs to sell. RE: AD#1251.

— Cathy, Washington – 1965 Mustang coupe

“We sold the car – through a response to this ad. Thanks for your site! Please
remove our ad.”(#1283)

— Bob Haggerty, Illinois – 1967 Mustang Convertible

““A 1966 Beauty” Ad #1229 has been SOLD. Thanks for your help with our

— Heidi Bristow (for Mr. German), Virginia – 1966 Mustang Coupe

“thank you very much. i have sold my mustang ad # 1141

— larry j haslstead, Denver CO – 1966 mustang 2dr coupe

“This was the best $10.00 investment ever. I sold my ’66 Mustang for full price.
It had over 1000 hits. Please remove my ad from your site. I am restoring another ’66,
I will surely use this site when it is ready to sell. Thank you.”

— Kevin House, California – 1966 Mustang

“Great website! Sold my car for more than my asking price. I have had my mustang
posted on collectorcartraderonline.com and ebay and none of them gave me more hits and
interested buyers than this website! This is no doubt the place to buy and sell mustangs.”

— Andrew Mele, California – 1966 Mustang Coupe


“I just deleted my add. My Mustang sold to the first person that looked at it.
983 hits sold in 2 weeks! Great web site keep it up!”

— Henry Glaess – 1966 Coupe

“Please remove my ad. Car sold after 32 days and 683 hits. Car sold to the FIRST
person who actually came and looked at it! Great site, does a good job for sellers and
thanks for the help. Regards”

— Mike Thomas – 1964 Mustang Convertible

“Excellent, Professional website, my Mustang sold in 7 days! Thank you! Sincerely,”

— Peggy, Texas – Ad# 479 – 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

“As ususal I cannot find whatever number it was…however, it sold in less
than seven day. While I had several inquiries directly from your site…it was
referrals from your site to their friends that sold it….sold for full price!
Thanks a bunch folks.”

— Michael O’pace

“Great service! I had peopele contact me the day after I ran the ad, and I had a buyer within a few days!”

— JohnA

“I would like to say I have browsed a lot of sites looking a Stang for myself.
I have found a better selection here than anywhere else. Keep up the good work!”

— Robert

“I sold my car from your site. I probably had a total of 15 inquiries. The purchaser was from my state. I think your site is very good and would use it again. Thanks”

— Larry Pope

“Can I ask you to delete my ad? It worked incredibly fast. I was impressed!! Within a week of posting my ad, I had multiple inquiries. Within two weeks I had an interested buyer, and I completed the sale earlier this week – about three weeks after originally posted. Thanks!”

— Mark, Illinois – 1990 Mustang Convertible

“RE 100352-10343 – please mark SOLD and close this ad. Did sell the car for full price. Thanks for your help.”

— Sally M, Pennsylvania – 1965 Coupe

“I have sold my 64 1/2 mustang convertible. Thank you for letting me use your
advertising web site.”

— Ron Scherer

“Please remove my ad. The car has sold. Thank you.”

— Gary Harper

” I have sold the Shelby, thank you for your service.”

—  Debby Blanchard