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1970 Mustang For Sale

1970 Ford Mustangs For Sale
As for those subtle changes, the 1970 Mustang featured headlights built into the grille, with horizontal scoops on either side. With the exception of the Mach 1 Mustang, the car featured the famous tri-color pony emblem in the center of the grille. In addition, the front side marker lamps appeared on the front fenders, and the car featured recessed rear taillights in the back. The interior sported a new steering wheel and a Decor Group option to spruce things up a bit. High back bucket seats were standard. In all, the changes were minimal to say the least. One thing is for sure. The popularity of the Boss Mustang, and the Mach 1, resulted in less overall enthusiasm for the Shelby Mustang.

1970 Mustangs For Sale

1970 Ford Mustang Production Stats

Convertible: 7,673 units
Fastback: 45,934 units
Coupe: 82,569 units
Coupe Grande: 13,581 units

Total Production: 191,239 units

Special Models Boss 429: 499 units

Boss 302: 7,013 units

Mach 1 Fastback: 40,970 units

Shelby Mustang: 636 units