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1972 Mustang For Sale

1972 Ford Mustangs
1972 Mustangs For Sale
Since the Mustang had undergone a major restyling in 1971, the 1972 models saw no big styling changes, only minor cosmetic ones. Probably due to increasing governmental fuel economy regulations, all of the Boss cars were dropped from the 1972 lineup. The Boss 351 and both versions of the 429 engine were dropped.

During the early part of ’72, a special 351HO model was offered. It featured a low compression version of the Boss 351 engine, with a special high-lift cam, mechanical lifters, forged aluminum pistons and a special 4-barrel manifold. The only “performance” model that remained for the entire ’72 model year was the Mach 1. The Mach 1, like all other ’72 models, were virtually unchanged. Production for 1972 topped out at 125,813.

Production Numbers:
65D 2dr Hardtop: 57,350
63D 2dr SportsRoof: 15,622
76C Convertible: 6,121
65F 2dr Hardtop Grande: 18,045
63R 2dr SportsRoof, Mach 1: 27,675
Total: 125,093

Retail Prices:
Six-Cylinder Models
2dr Hardtop: $2,679.00
2dr SportsRoof: $2,736.00
Convertible: $2,965.00
Hardtop Grande: $2,865.00