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1973 Mustang For Sale

1973 Ford Mustang

1973 Ford Mustang For Sale
1973 brought the last year of the “big” Mustang. It was to be replaced by a smaller, lighter breed, therefore, most of the changes for ’73 were merely cosmetic. A large, square, chrome headlamp bezel appeared, as did chrome trim around the tail lights. A color keyed Urethane front bumper replaced the chrome units of the previous years. The front parking lights were now placed vertically in the front grille.

Production Numbers:
65D 2dr Hardtop: 51,480
63D 2dr SportsRoof: 10,820
76D Convertible: 11,853
65F 2dr Hardtop Grande: 25,274
63R 2dr SportsRoof, Mach 1: 35,440
Total: 133,867

Retail Prices:
Six-Cylinder Models
2dr Hardtop: $2,760.00
2dr SportsRoof: $2,820.00
2dr Convertible: $3,102.00
2dr Hardtop Grande: $2,946.00